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Pay as you go phones can be a great choice for your cell phone, whether it is a youth’s first cell phone or a replacement for that antiquated house phone.

Most PAYG phones involve the use of card purchases and the entry of code #s from the card into the phone. The cards will add minutes (units) or dollars and days of service to the phones account. The DOS may be 30, 60, 90 or up to 1 year. If the DOS is allowed to expire on any PAYG the phone is disabled and if not reactivated soon the phone number assigned to the phone and the balance left on the account will be lost.

How many minutes go you get on phones with dollar cards?
Good question, without an honest answer. Most companies will charge $1.00 per day every day that the phone is uses then $0.10 per minute for the balance of that day. This may not sound like a good deal but for many it’s great. A $100 card will give an AT&T phone 1 year of service. If this phone were used for emergencies only you would then have the full protection of a cell phone for a full year for $100. A minimum contract phone would cost $960 over a 2 yr contract (taxes and fed. fees not included). What a deal. Renew this phone the next year and the balance of money in the account will roll over with the new card.

Do I get 100 min use with a 100 min card? Again the answer is: It depends.
If you text a portion of a unit is charge to send a text and a portion is charged to receive a text. So it is possible to use up all of your minutes by texting. Remember that most PAYG companies will offer text packages ant reduced rated. Parents, please consider unlimited texting as a viable option. On contract phones as well as PAYG phones, texting is the major cause overages and family arguments.

Pay as you go does not have to be with a cheap obsolete phone.